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News : RA Rules Sem-I 2018 (CBCS) WBSU.
Published On 18/12/2018



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Ref.No.COE/WBSU/0773/2018                                    December 17, 2018


All Principal/TIC of Govt. & Affiliated Colleges

of West Bengal State University

Dear Sir,

I write this to inform that the B. A. / B. Sc. / B. Com. Honours and General, Sem-I (CBCS), Part lll examinations of the West Bengal State University will commence on and from December 18,2018. Subsequently, the Part ll and Part I and Sem-II (CBCS), examinations will be held, and the examinations will continue up to the first week of July, 2018.

The undersigned directed to inform vide Hon’ble Vice-chancellor order dt.17.12.18 regarding the resolution of the R.A. Committee meeting dt.17.12.18 :

Resolved that the rules of R.A. in the ensuing Under graduate Examinations Semester-I (CBCS) 2018, (Part-III, Part-II, Part-I) 2019 and Semester-II (CBCS) of the West Bengal State University as follows :

1. Any student resorting to any sort of misconduct in the examination hall that includes copying, carrying mobile in the examination hall, taking examination paper outside the hall, carrying loose sheet outside the hall, writing on loose sheet and not on actual Answer Book, Mis-behaving with teachers, invigilators, members of flying squad, other students, disturbing the sanctity of the examination hall will be liable to be reported against and will be debarred from appearing in subsequent examinations.


2. The examination of such candidate will be treated as cancelled. The University will publish names of such students in the National Newspaper also.


3. The University will not entertain any application or pleading from such candidate or their guardian/family/teacher.

This is for your kind information and taking necessary steps in this regard.


Sincerely yours,


A.K. Mukherjee

O.S.D.(Admin) & In charge of the


Office of the Controller of Examinations