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News : Notice for Enrolment to the next semester (Sem-3 & Sem-5).
Published On 26/7/2020

Notice for Enrolment to the next semester (Sem-3 & Sem-5)

All students of B.A./B.Sc./B.Com (Hons. & General), Semesters 2 & 4 are hereby are hereby notified that to join the next semester programmes (i.e. Semesters 3 & 5) they shall clear all dues of the current semesters (i.e. Semesters 2 & 4) and thereafter enrol themselves in the next semesters on payment of an Enrolment Fee of Rs. 100/- (Rupees one hundred only). The said amount paid under the head of "Enrolment Fee" shall be adjusted against the admission fees payable at the time of admission to Semesters 3 & 5. Dates and modalities of admission to the next semesters shall be notified only after the college gets relevant approvals from the concerned authorities. It may, further, be noted that a fee waiver of 20% of the total fees payable at the time of admission, excluding the monthly Tuition Fee, shall be offered to all students taking admission to Semesters 3 & 5. 

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